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Automatic Authentication in Teams not working

Posted on by 24
Our only data source is the a Sharepoint Online site.  We see the option for automatic authentication, but it does not work.  We get this error when we try it.
We have the chatbot working with Manual authentication, but really why would a Chatbot deployed only in Teams  need to click a login button? 
Any opportunity to streamline this?
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    dttigger88 55 on at
    Automatic Authentication in Teams not working
    Ignore the authentication error. It sometimes comes up when i set up SP access bots, but authentication still works and I can successfully search across specific SP document libraries.
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    Umianta 293 on at
    Automatic Authentication in Teams not working
    With Manual Authentication, you can hide the login button by unchecking the "Require users to sign in" option.
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