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How to use Azure DevOps Wikis in a Teams Bot

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 Hi everyone,

I'm building a bot for our organization that will be deployed on Teams. The goal is for the bot to search for relevant information across Teams channels, SharePoint sites, and Azure DevOps wikis, using generative AI to craft responses. Thanks to the SharePoint default connector, I've got that part covered.

However, I'm stuck on accessing files within Azure DevOps wikis. I'm considering using Power Automate to achieve this. The idea is to have the flow identify the relevant wiki and then leverage the Generative AI "custom data" feature to integrate the results into the bot's response generation process.

If anyone has experience working with Azure DevOps wikis and integrating them with Teams bots, I'd greatly appreciate your insights on the best approach!

Thanks in advance,


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    Suma_Sai on at
    Re: How to use Azure DevOps Wikis in a Teams Bot

    Thank you very much @Expiscornovus  for your response. The guidance provided in this link: helped me a lot. I have made the following changes to make it compatible to the input format of the custom data section in copilot studio.



    Following this step I have parsed the output and converted into a table in Copilot studio. Later used this expression to format the input and set it to a new variable in copilot studio :

            Content: content,    
    And upon passing this input , I was able to receive the generative AI response from the copilot studio.
    But I am facing the following problems, can you please throw help me out to reach the solution:
    1) How to handle the authentication: Because I am going to use this flow in Copilot studio topic  , how do I handle personal access tokens. How can a user who is dynamically triggering the flow enter personal access tokens, can you help me a way to automate this step so that whenever this flow is triggered in the copilot studio , the user can seamlessly be authenticate on the Azure devops environment and perform these two http calls.
    2) I have encountered the following error in the second http call to retrieve the content of the devops wiki:


    Upon careful examination I understood that this error is cause due to the encoding of the URL. The name of the wiki is "cloud computing" due to url encoding the space is encoded as hyphen "cloud-computing", which is resulting in a failed flow.  I have tried to manually edit the url where I replaced the space with "cloud%20computing" and I was able to see the page with the content. Can you let me know how to handle this situation in the flow.


    3) Lastly i am trying to retrieve top three unique results from the first search http call. Followed by retrieving the content from these three unique wiki results. Parse them and then send them to the copilot studio. I am trying to perform this step because in this way I will be able to provide more content to the generative AI. Can you help me in constructing this flow.


    Excuse me the long list of  queries, your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you 


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    Expiscornovus 29,332 on at
    Re: How to use Azure DevOps Wikis in a Teams Bot

    Hi @Suma_Sai,


    I shared an approach for this challenge with you on the Power Automate forums last week. Did you try that approach and did you have issues with setting this up in a Power Automate cloud flow?


    Would be great to get feedback. Good to know if this works for you (or not, that is also a possible outcome 😁)

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