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SharePoint content not accessible in a copilot chat

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I have a copilot chat with a topic built in copilot studio.  I've referenced a sharepoint site with the following pattern in the topic,

https://<company name><site name>/


I have ~4000 documents in the sharepoint site under "Documents" in subfolders.  When I ask a question supported by a document in one of these subfolders I dont get an answer.  The chat just sits there with no response.  If I move the document to the root directory in sharepoint I can get a response.  I can also ask the same question from other copilot chat interactions like Teams and I will get an answer no matter where the document sits; in a subfolder or root directory.


The fact that I can access it means that my permissions are right and there are no issues with file size.


So why cant I access the file from the subdirectory?


Thanks for the help.

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    adilei on at
    Re: SharePoint content not accessible in a copilot chat

    I don't think that's an issue as long as results are coming back. Are you getting results from subfolders in Graph Explorer?

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    phinuxbridge 2 on at
    Re: SharePoint content not accessible in a copilot chat

    Thank for pointing me in this direction.  The feedback I got is that we dont have a subscription to Application Insights within Azure.  So I'm tracking that down.  I'm also looking at permissions issues.  I also did a graph query and got a tip back that I'm tracking down.


     Running this from Graph Explorer I got the following error/tip
    "This request only returns a subset of the resource's properties. Your app will need to use $select to return non-default properties. To find out what other properties are available for this resource see"
  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: SharePoint content not accessible in a copilot chat

    Have you tried connecting to Azure App Insights? 


    Superficially check for content moderation or no search results.


    Generative answers don't return a response - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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