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PVA licensing profile for required functionality...

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Our team is working with PVA that comes with Office 365 (within TEAMS), which I understand is not the 'fully-fledged' version of PVA. We are attempting to gather requirements from SharePoint users for things like new site requests, site enhancements and the associated information [field values] we would need from them. Instead of frustrating the user with a number of repetitive back-and-forth questions (topic nodes) to complete each required piece of data, we wanted to provide them with one form to complete (one topic node), which would then feed directly into a SharePoint list. I'm thinking 'Adaptive Card' for this...(or something else?), and if this is the case, I do not see our ability to do this with our current Office 365/PVA version (nor being able to gain access to the Bot Framework Composer). Would we have to obtain the fully-fledged PVA license for this functionality? And would this fully-fledged license also provide us with access to the Bot Framework Composer? with more connectors? such as additional 'SharePoint Online' connectors? Any and all feedback and advice would be appreciated! Thank you.  - Jsea 

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    Re: PVA licensing profile for required functionality...

    1) Yes, to use the Bot Framework Composer you will need a full PVA license, not just PVA inside Teams.  You'll see that requirement in the note at the top of this documentation. Use Bot Framework Composer with chatbots - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs

    2) The Bot Framework Composer does not require additional licensing, but the bot screens created in the composer can only be leveraged from the full version of PVA.

    3) A full PVA license would give you access to Premium connectors in addition to the standard connectors covered by the Office license.  But there are no additional SharePoint connectors.  The SharePoint connector is standard.  But connectors like Dataverse or SQL are Premium.

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