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Access to session transcripts

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I'm confused about the access to session transcripts in the Teams version of PVA. A Member of a Team, with a chatbot added to it, was able to download the session transcripts of the bot. The documentation says, that only Team Owners have permission to download session transcripts. Why was he able to download the sessions and is it possible to prohibit members from downloading?

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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Access to session transcripts

    @mboninco done (IcM 368093194)

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    mboninco on at
    Re: Access to session transcripts

    @HenryJammes I believe this is a new issue. Can you create a ticket for this issue?

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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Access to session transcripts

    Hi @Jan2222,


    I can reproduce this behavior: a team member has read-only access to the chatbot configuration but has access to the 'Sessions' tab in 'Analytics' and can download transcripts. 


    I can also see that the documentation says a user needs to be 'Team Owner' to be able to download the session transcripts: Download chatbot sessions in Microsoft Teams - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


    @mboninco is this a known product or documentation issue?




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