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PVA bot 3 variables (base pay, current FTE, New FTE)

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Built a flow to grab the base pay, current fte and new fte. I am trying to get the bot to calculate a new pay per new FTE.

I am initializing all variables as integer and its telling me that the Current FT Variable of Type Integer cannot be updated with a value of Float?  Can someone help me resolve this?>




Calculation expression: 

mul(div(variables('Current Base'), variables('Current FTE')), variables('New FTE'))





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    wherdzik 58 on at
    Re: PVA bot 3 variables (base pay, current FTE, New FTE)

    I figured this out, I changed all my initialize variable to float.  Then the Return Values to PVA had a number return type.  I changed it to Text. Once I changed all of these everything worked just like planned.

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