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PVA - Error on connection when upload excel for suggested topic

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Hi all,

I had formatted my excel to 2 columns, question and answer in pair. 

The excel is stored in a team channel. I had checked the link and is correctly link me to the file with URL I included.

However PVA return Error on connection issues when I upload the file.

Any idea?


Connection issues
We couldn’t connect to this link, or it’s not secure. Make sure it’s secure (beginning with https://) and that it’s a working link.
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    Re: PVA - Error on connection when upload excel for suggested topic


    I'm facing the same issue. Thank you for that sharp answer. I want to import a large range of data in the bot.  Creating the topics directly in the bot will take too much time. Looking for a  fallback. The data must  remain private.


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    Re: PVA - Error on connection when upload excel for suggested topic

    The problem is that the file is stored in a team channel.  That means its in a SharePoint site that requires authentication to access the file.  When you try to access it normally that authentication takes place in the background and you don't notice.  But the documentation specifies that for Suggested topics the file must be publicly available.  Since its in SharePoint (Team Channel) its not.  Take a look at the Important! box on this list of prerequisites.

    Get topic suggestions from online content - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs

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