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Licensing and Expense of PVA

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Our company of 300 is using Microsoft Business Premium - massive fans of everything Teams - but still cant figure out if PVA is worth investing in.

Our use case, would be - can we build little workflows to automate internal (not customer) support requests. Things like, look up a customer and find out what product they have from us, or within IT - things like - users checking when their next replacement laptop renewal is due!!

But the pricing of PVA seems to be large, and geared towards customer facing solutions?

We have MSDN, we have Azure - so what is the basic level pricing of PVA that we should be looking at?
At the moment - I feel we'd be better off scripting/coding our own solutions with some embedded company webpage inside Teams - but I'm not sure if PVA is aimed at out sort of usecase?

Anyone got any idea

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    Re: Licensing and Expense of PVA

    One good way to get started, since you are already using Teams, is to build your bots inside the Teams environment.  PVA for Teams is included in your Teams license.  It works just like the full PVA for the web, but you are limited to building and deploying the bots inside Teams. Since it doesn't require any additional licensing it is a great way to get started and see if you need PVA for a broader environment.  Here's some information that will get you started. Overview of Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn

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