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"Azure OpenAI Services on your data" stopped working

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I was using the "Azure OpenAI Services on your data" functionality within the topic "conversational boosting" in my copilot, which previously worked well with a manual parameter configuration after deploying from Azure OpenAI, following steps from a previous issue. However, last week it stopped functioning and the chatbot widget displays the following error:

Error Message: Action of type ‘Unknown’ with id ‘search-content’ is invalid and is missing required properties. The dialog will now end. Error Code: InvalidContent Conversation Id: e60c904e-6979-433f-b519-16ae2d349e70 Time (UTC): 2024-05-07T16:45:59.241Z

Here’s the current configuration in the code editor:

kind: AdaptiveDialog
  kind: OnUnknownIntent
  id: main
  priority: -1
    - kind: SearchAndSummarizeContent
      id: search-content
      userInput: =System.Activity.Text
      variable: Topic.Answer
          - indexName: indice
              - content

        apiVersion: 2023-06-01-preview
        deployment: prueba
        temperature: 0
        topP: 1
        maxTokens: 800

    - kind: ConditionGroup
      id: has-answer-conditions
        - id: has-answer
          condition: =!IsBlank(Topic.Answer)
            - kind: EndDialog
              id: end-topic
              clearTopicQueue: true

I have added all possible parameters and have reproduced the error on different subscription accounts where everything was previously working fine, but the error persists. Perhaps any recent update?




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    JSA-V 2 on at
    Re: "Azure OpenAI Services on your data" stopped working

    Of course, after the latest updates made to MS to copilot studio, the initial deployment is working fine.

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