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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Power Automate flow not showing in "Select an action" option in Copilot Studio

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Hi there,
I set a Topic in Copilot Studio (trial version) where I need to call an action flow configured in Power Automate. Inside Power Automate I can see 5 different flows but in Copilot I dont see all of them. I did try to logout and login, I tried to open a new tab in the browser but the problem still exists.
Is there anybody who managed to solve that issue before?
Here's the screenshots of the Power Automate Flows and the Copilot Studio node:
Power Automate Flows:
Copilot Studio "Select an action" node:
So I can see only three of the flows available in Power Automate.
Thank you in advance for any useful advice.
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    Power Automate flow not showing in "Select an action" option in Copilot Studio
    thank you for your kind reply.
    I double checked what you suggested but everything seems to be ok, except for one thing i did not considered yed.
    The Topic in Copilot Studio where I put the action node was created modifying a system flow, the "Start conversation" one.
    I dont know if this might be the reason why some of the flows do not show in the action list.
    By the way, today I created a new Power Automate flow from zero and i copied all the steps. I tested it and all was working fine. 
    After some time the Copilot Studio gave me an errore as if the Power Automate was missing. That is quite frustrating....
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    Power Automate flow not showing in "Select an action" option in Copilot Studio
    There are a couple of things which are required in order for this to work. 
    Just to double check:
    1. Have you used the Run a flow from Copilot trigger (which it looks like you have based on the icons next to your flows)
    2. Are the flows located in a solution within the same environment as the copilot?
    3. Did you use a Respond to Copilot action within each of the flows?

    For reference, here is also the documentation to set this up:

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