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Assistance Required with Copilot Analytics Session Export Limitations

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Dear Microsoft Support Team,
I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I am encountering with the Copilot analytics tool. I have been experiencing difficulties with the session export functionality; specifically, the data is being truncated, and I suspect this might be due to a limitation on the amount of text that can be exported in a single session.
Could you please provide me with the following information:
1. What is the default limit for the amount of data that can be exported in a single session from Copilot analytics?
2. Are there any settings that I can adjust to increase this limit or a method to export large datasets effectively?
3. Any additional guidance or documentation that would help in managing large data exports.
Here are some details that might be helpful:
 i noticed was that the session logs have the chat transcript truncated. I don't believe that will fly well. Can you assist   to see if it's a backend issue (meaning there's a limit in Dataverse on how much text it stores for a session) or is it a limitation of the export function?
I would appreciate any help or suggestions you could provide. Thank you for your assistance.
Best regards,
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    Re: Assistance Required with Copilot Analytics Session Export Limitations

    Hi @Sumithra36 

    Please check the documentation regarding session download and transcripts:

    Analyze session information - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

    Understand conversation transcripts - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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