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Topics vs Ai Generative answer

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Can I ask my chatbot to go to "Ai Generative" instead of a topic.
There are some phrases which are common, but I want the bot to fetch data from "AI Generative" then if the user want the bot can go to the topic.
Is it possible and how if possible.
I am quite new to this technology, please explain in detail.

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    Audrie101 on at
    Re: Topics vs Ai Generative answer

    If you are considering the Conversational Boosting topic as the only way you can generate answers, perhaps that's why you want to go there first. However, it is intended for 'unknown intent' meaning where you have not defined a topic or a plugin model description. 

    On the other hand, you can have a topic that uses a Generative answers node after you have done some preliminary user prompting or questioning. Given you can add a Generative answers node within the topic, is there a particular reason why you want to redirect to Conversational Boosting?

    Generative answers with Search and summarize - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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    muhammadffs 2 on at
    Re: Topics vs Ai Generative answer

     Thank you for reply.

    My question is how I can force the chatbot to go to conversational boosting before going to the topic. for instance, I have a topic bank where someone can check his bank account number, Iban etc., like fetching data from database. on the other hand, there is some information regarding bank account, like how to update bank account etc. these are two different scenarios.


    how to tackle this issue.


    Maybe someone wants to go to user guide the other might want to check his information in data base. this is point, I don't know how to figure it out because phrases are some.

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    Audrie101 on at
    Re: Topics vs Ai Generative answer

    When you enable Generative (preview) in the settings:


    ...this will result in a new system topic called "Conversational boosting" (nothing else you have to do after the above step). 


    The Conversational boosting topic is triggered "On unknown intent" - or in other words, when no other model description, or topic phase applies. 

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