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Unable to call action (from Power Automate to PVA)

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I am having a problem where I cant connect my flow in my PVA. 


Also I experienced a problem at power automate, where I cant test the flow


Is this relate to approval by admin (authentication)?

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    Zedian 10 on at
    Re: Unable to call action (from Power Automate to PVA)

    Hello @microfriesbean ,


    Did you resolve this issue? If so, could you share the resolution?


    @HenryJammes ,I have the same issue, but I can confirm both my Copilot studio and Power Automate are in the same environment. I've tried to create a couple of different flows using PVA's Call an Action, which have both been successful. However, none of them appear when I return to Copilot studio after saving them successfully in Power Automate.


    Thank you in advance.


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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Unable to call action (from Power Automate to PVA)

    Hi @microfriesbean,


    Have you saved your Power Automate cloud flow a first time before trying to use it from your chatbot?

    Was the cloud flow created in the same Teams environment?


    On test your cloud flow, what you're seeing in Power Automate is expected. In the context of PVA, it can only be tested by re-running a previous run. So you need to trigger the flow at least one time from the chatbot, and then  you'll be able to re-run that test multiple times in Power Automate.



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