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PVA Authentication with Azure AD

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After following this documentation

the authentication process always fails with the following error:
 "message": "Login failed",
 "statusCode": 400,
 "responseBody": "{\"error\":\"invalid_grant\",\"error_description\":\"AADSTS9002313: Invalid request. Request is malformed or invalid.\\r\\nTrace ID: 0b2791a9-e5b1-40f6-a3ea-39aa641f1b00\\r\\nCorrelation ID: d80d39cb-fb54-40f4-8fca-c037e73133c1\\r\\nTimestamp: 2020-08-05 12:54:46Z\",\"error_codes\":[9002313],\"timestamp\":\"2020-08-05 12:54:46Z\",\"trace_id\":\"0b2791a9-e5b1-40f6-a3ea-39aa641f1b00\",\"correlation_id\":\"d80d39cb-fb54-40f4-8fca-c037e73133c1\",\"error_uri\":\"\"}"
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    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: PVA Authentication with Azure AD

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    Can you take some pictures into your Authentication page inside the PVA portal?

    (you can use the blur effect to protect your client ID and secret)

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