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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

‘Generate a Message’ must have at least one output set.

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Hello Everyone, 
Is anyone facing issue where in the if you are any connector and using output mode as Generated Answers, it is asking you to add output but the output field is disabled. ?
This is happenign with all type of connectors, defualt or custom connectors, below is example of  List folder connector, 
I tried to add output by using code editor and with this the error goes away while saving the action but then it comes in response like below..
Error Message: The action ‘XXXXX’ with output mode ‘Generate a Message’ must have at least one output set. Error Code: PluginActionNoOutputSetInEmitMode Conversation Id: 342471f4-253c-4f7a-a998-2696b01cf288 Time (UTC): 2024-06-14T11:22:33.207Z
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    ‘Generate a Message’ must have at least one output set.
    Hi , 
    After my test, I have the same result as yours. Currently, only actions that return an Object(for exaple: Get my profile V2) can add the corresponding field, and AI auto-reply can be used.
    The List Folder returns an array of objects, so it is not directly recognizable at this time.
    So if you want to return the message from this action, you may need to customize it in your side.
    For example , you can use expression to get all the file name with this:
    Concat( ForAll(Topic.Output.Response , DisplayName) ,Value,";")
    Of course, if you want more freedom to define returns, you can call flow in your bot.
    If this reply can help you , you can click mark this reply as solution (Accept solution) which can help more people, thanks in advance! 

    Best Regards,
    Yueyun Zhang

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