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Topic Email Escalation

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I am create a technical support chat bot that will be used in Teams. Is there a way that if the users need to escalate while within a topic it will email a specific person. The goal is to have an individual in charge of a topic. So if there is a n escalation needed for topic 1 it will email person 1, topic 2 will email person 2.


Is this possible?

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    Re: Topic Email Escalation

    Hi @vegafl 

    this is certainly possible, you need to create a table variable with 2 columns (let's call it myRule):

    then in your topic you ask the user what is this request about "IT" or "Travel", save that in a variable (call it myRequest)
    Then you call a power automate flow that will be responsible for sending the email to the right person by doing a lookup of your question in your table using powerFX:
    LookUp(Topic.myRule, myTopic = Topic.myRequest, email)
    This will send the email of the person responsible for myTopic to Power Automate

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