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Adaptive Card Not Displaying

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Hi all,


I am having issues with Adaptive Cards in Teams. I have not been able to get a fully functioning Adaptive Card to render properly. I was previously able to get a static card to show, but any time I try to use a Flow to output the Adaptive Card and input the results in the Bot, it fails in some way.


The issue with the card is: I pull a list of Clients and their ID from the Dataverse, so I need to be able to input an array into the card, which from what I can tell is almost impossible unless you do so in Power Automate. I take the string of the Adaptive card, which you can see gets output in the Teams message, and input that to the virtualagent.clients variable seen in the pictures.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks!Screenshot 2022-03-25 235108.png


Screenshot 2022-03-25 235211.png


Screenshot 2022-03-25 235428.png


Screenshot 2022-03-25 235322.png


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    nickprado 13 on at
    Re: Adaptive Card Not Displaying

    Upon further investigation, it turns out that the version of the Adaptive Card (and consequently the features in it) was higher that what is supported in the renderer. I had validation and styles set that were causing issues, but through some editing was able to get the card to meet the requirements and post correctly.



    It is still a bit upsetting that such old versions are all that is roughly supported on a "cutting edge" product.

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