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Bot does not skip question with Regex entities

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Hi All,


I'm having an issue were my bot does not skip questions with variables that come from custom regex entities.

I have build an topic for our IT supportdesk where the bot asks for the laptopnumber on the back. This is a known number so it was great for an regex entity (Patern: CI[(0-9)]{6} ) the bot does recognize the entity in our test chats.


However, when we move further into the topic the bot will summarize the given info and asks if the information is correct. The user can choose to rephrase to every given variable which will result in the bot asking the question again.


But, and here it is getting weird, if the user wants to rephrase a variable the bot is also asking all the questions that comes after that one that needed rephrasing. If I track the topics when I test I can see that he already know these variables and has no reason in asking them again. The bot does not need to go over all of his questions again, this is not really ''user friendly''. I do have the option for skipping question on, as it is in default (but I still checked)


The problem does look if it only comes from entities with a regex but it can (sometimes) do the same with pre-build entities like Email.


Is there a way I can fix this? Do I need to design a different topic layout or do I need to look for more advanced options in BF Composer or something?


Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Bot does not skip question with Regex entities

    I spoke with some of the team that worked on the design for this, and the behavior where Skip is ignored when using a loop within the topic is by design.  The primary reason is that it was too easy to get into infinite loops where all of the nodes were set to skip and there was no place for the user to break in.


    Note I made some assumptions about the implementation of your Bot that may not be true, if not, can you clarify the structure/flow?

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