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Sessions Data Load time

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We are building custom analytics solution over conversation transcripts and was wondering what is the load time for the transcripts to be available through dataverse tables such as 'ConversationTranscript'. Currently, we can see that there is atleast a lag of one day after which the session data is being made available. However, according to the documentation , they should be immediately available. 

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    RoopaD on at
    Re: Sessions Data Load time

    Hi @HenryJammes , 


    Thanks for the reply. As far as the session transcripts in Analytics tab of the chatbot, it groups conversations according to a certain time period and doesn't allow for the selection to be extended to the current date. 


    For example, I had a conversation with my bot on 03/21/2023, however since the session history has been grouped until 03/20/2023, I will not be able to access the latest conversation until later where the grouping is extended to 03/21/2023. Is this the expected behavior too?


    Also on the latency of conversation transcript records in Dataverse, Is there any way to customize this or is it non-configurable?






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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Sessions Data Load time

    Hi @RoopaD

    Session transcripts in the Analytics tab of a chatbot are immediately available (in my experience). However, the same is not true for conversation transcript records in Dataverse, where a delay of 6 hours is generally observed. This is expected.


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