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Bot Analytics

Automatic bot status monitoring

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I see in the analytics tab, there is a dashboard that can be viewed manually and it talks about customer satisfaction, engagement rate, etc. However, I don't see anything to do with the actual technical performance of the bot.


Is there any way to monitor for and log:

- bot internal errors & error messages

- very high latency/slow response time

- disruptions to Microsoft PVA/Power Platform service

- bot going down (for reasons like updating, or unforeseen reasons)


I want to be able to automatically send emails or connect to notification services to let my team know about potential issues that occur. Ideally, this error info should be available instantly or within a few minutes.

  • mfor52 Profile Picture
    mfor52 13 on at
    Re: Automatic bot status monitoring

    Is there any endpoint we can ping from Application Insights or related to check if the bot itself is down?

  • mfor52 Profile Picture
    mfor52 13 on at
    Re: Automatic bot status monitoring

    Thanks, I found how to connect the bot with Application Insights. This seems to send all chat messages over as CustomEvents. I have some questions about that:

    1. The CustomEvents messages do include times when a bot sends an error message to the user. But there seems to be no field to mark that the message was actually an error. Is it safe to assume every error message contains the text "Error code:" (and an error code from here) no matter what channel or language the bot is in? Or is there another way to detect bot errors?

    2. PVA doesn't seem to send any info to Application Insights about if the bot is down, unreachable, taking a long time to respond, or failing to respond completely. Is there any way to get that?

  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Automatic bot status monitoring

    For this type of monitoring I advise you have a look at the Azure Application Insights integration:

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