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Add PVA Chatbot (created externally on PVA site) to an MS Teams Team

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I've recently discovered PVA and have enjoyed creating a Chatbot via the PVA website, however I've found that the Chatbot doesn't show up as an option when I add the PVA App to a Teams Team.


I also cannot find any way to make this Chatbot appear in Teams and would rather avoid having to recreate everything in a Teams environment as I've already spent hours on it.


Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Add PVA Chatbot (created externally on PVA site) to an MS Teams Team

    Hi @Bsparkes 


    Great to read you've enjoyed creating chatbots with PVA!

    If you've created your chatbot in the PVA web app, you can also deploy it from there to Teams, as documented here: Add a chatbot to Microsoft Teams - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


    If you absolutely need to deploy it as a PVA in Teams chatbot (i.e. in that app:, and re-deploy it as a Teams app from there, then you should try these steps:


    Note that PVA in Teams doesn't yet have the preview unified authoring canvas.

    Also, not all PVA web app features are available in PVA in Teams:



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