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Overwrite the citations

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I added a couple of text files to Generative AI of my chatbot. It works well: the chatbot can interpret the files and give relevant answers on the contents of these files. When the chatbot answers a question it provides the citations to the corresponding files.


Now I'd like to achieve to following: overwrite the citations and link them not to files but the url addresses defined in these files. For example I have a file that discusses the creation of a support case. In this file I have a part that has the url (let's say: http://some.example.url). I'd like the bot to provide this url as the citation when answering the question about the support case.


I understand, that the url can be added to Generative AI as a resource, but in this case the url points to the internal document, that has a complicated url and is not accepted as a source web page.


Thank you

  • IntrepidIbex Profile Picture
    IntrepidIbex 7 on at
    Re: Overwrite the citations

    Will try this. Thank you for suggestion.

  • ManikandanS Profile Picture
    ManikandanS 252 on at
    Re: Overwrite the citations

    @IntrepidIbex - I don't think co pilot studio offers any capability to modify the inbuilt citation feature. 

    The possible workaround may be store the generative answer in a variable and perform some string manipulations to get the desired results, but again this works best only if the dataset is limited.

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