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conversational boasting topic missing

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I was making some changes to system conversational boasting topic and once I saved it. the whole thing was missing. How can I get it back?



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    Re: conversational boasting topic missing

    I have a similar issue but was actually suggested to do this by a Microsoft Technician who was assisting me with a different bug. To investigate the bug, the dev suggested I duplicate the "Conversational Boosting" topic and switch off the original which ended up clearing both topics from the Topics List and showing the below error in the "Generative AI" tab when attempting to toggle the "Boost Conversational..." switch (this switched off automatically). 



    It's been over a week now and have received 1 response to say it's being looked into 😣....

    Anyhow, a makeshift fix I've done for now is copying the over the "Conversational Boosting" topic from another bot which allows the picking up of Unknown Intent queries. The fastest way is maybe copying over the source code via the Open Editor.



    This still does not allow me to toggle the "Boost Conversational..." switch in the "Generative AI" tab but it my bot now responds.


    Hope the makeshift helps for not until a bigger fix comes through. I think my ultimate solution might be starting over at this rate.

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    petefryatt 10 on at
    Re: conversational boasting topic missing

    I have the same. Was working for weeks, I edited it fine on Tuesday 7th May, then made a save yesterday and it turned off "Boost conversational coverage with generative answers" in the Generative AI section and my Topics disappeared. Tried creating a new bot and any edits to the system generative answers topic cause the same. Any attempt to turn it back on give you the error:  It is invalid to create component botcomponent with the same export key value(s) as an existing component. Please change the key. The current value(s) are schemaname: cr5a1_copilot1loPi7j.topic.Search. I think it's normally a wait for a fix type situation.

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