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Analytics not working

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I am hoping someone can help me. I built and deployed a chatbot in Teams for my class to use. School started August 25. I have demonstrated the bot several times (not through Test bot, but the regular way) - and I know from talking to my students that they have also used it. I have 475 students, so I know there is traffic to the bot. However, when I click on Analytics, it only shows one session (for September 1) with it looks like one question. I have changed the date range (it only allows me to download reports for one week at a time, but that is okay.) All my session data from August 24 when colleagues were testing it for me is also missing. Essentially, there is no analytics for this bot. When I click on Topic triggering, it shows the same "2" that it has shown since August 24. It also has no topic suggestions from chat transcripts.


What can I do to get analytics for my chat bot?


Thank you in advance.

Wendy (Kent, Ohio, US)

  • hersche1 Profile Picture
    hersche1 20 on at
    Re: Analytics not working

    Same issue, analytics isn't working. 

  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Analytics not working

    Hello, I'm not aware of analytics issues in PVA for Teams chatbots.

    Can I ask that you, or an administrator, open a support request so we can troubleshoot these issues with you? 


  • TerriAki Profile Picture
    TerriAki 6 on at
    Re: Analytics not working

    Can we get a response on this please?

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