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Bot Framework SDK v/s Bot Composer v/s PVA

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Hello there, 
Seeking help from experts in this space... 

I am new to PVA Community. Please point me if already such discussion has happened and concluded the best way to pick. I have experience in building Bots using C# SDK and it was few years back. While I came back to build a bot for Business Process Automation now, I am seeing multiple options. Which is great, but at the same time confusing to pick from.

I spent some time on Bot Composer and PVAs, where I realized that it is simplifying lot of logic generation. But I am comfortable more on code than no-code., unless I get everything out of box.

I understand there are always pros & cons, but considering the following requirements which one (or combination) could be better choice: 

  1. Complex Business Processes, involving Multiple Dialogs (Topics?), Intents and Entities
  2. Custom Logic, often dependent on External APIs 
  3. Workflows able to handle States 
  4. Switching from Dialogs and able to preserve previous Dialogs context
  5. Conversational Chatting (Leveraging trained GPT like models)
  6. Be able to respond back with Adaptive cards supporting Multiple channels. 
  7. Custom Adaptive cards building 
  8. Production Ready, easily scalable beyond few hundred of thousand users 
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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Bot Framework SDK v/s Bot Composer v/s PVA

    Hi @srikanthgig,


    I'll let you decide as you get your own opinion through exploration, but Power Virtual Agents - especially with the new unified authoring canvas - is for me the best option on all of these dimensions. 



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