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Copilot ChatBot Adaptive cards

Posted on by 21

After I added the schema to my adaptive card from the adaptive designer I get an error of

There is an error: 'InvalidPropertyPath'There is an error: 'InvalidPropertyPath'

  • Audrie101 Profile Picture
    Audrie101 on at
    Re: Copilot ChatBot Adaptive cards

    I am thinking about 1 of 2 things possible:

    1. is sitting in a formula block, in which case you should be able to remove the quotation marks around it to make it a formula reference.

    2. doesn't exist or is out of scope - please check that it exists and is properly spelled.


    This video may be helpful for the formula block:

    Copilot Studio - Learn how to Build with Generative AI (Topics & Adaptive Cards!) (


    Thank you for your patience!

  • adelacruz010 Profile Picture
    adelacruz010 21 on at
    Re: Copilot ChatBot Adaptive cards

    here's an additional error


    Error Message: The property path ‘’ is not valid. Error Code: Invalid Property Path Conversation Id: e80f7256-163a-4954-8611-b6c87ecba6f6 Time (UTC): 2024-02-15T19:23:02.794Z

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