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Missing features

Posted on by 7

Hello, I'm new to the PVA world, and while I was creating my first chatbot I noticed I don't get the "Suggested Topics" option, nor can I choose the "Boost your conversation" feature to type in my SharePoint site, it is greyed out. I don't get why I cannot use these features, I tried to create another environment because I read the default ones don't have the "Suggested Topics" option but it didn't work. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • JoseLete Profile Picture
    JoseLete 7 on at
    Re: Missing features

    Yes, it was all because of the region. If I switch to the US region to create the bot all the ai features become available! Thanks for replying!

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    peterswimm on at
    Re: Missing features

    Suggested topics are only available for "classic" bots, read more here:



    Conversation Booster is currently only available in the US and English, if this sounds like you, it may also be blocked by your admin:

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