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Power Virtual Agent authentication settings cannot be edited in a managed solution

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I have a power virtual agent in my power platform dev environment. It uses Azure AD Authentication and works fine in dev. When I publish that to QA Environment in a managed solution using Power Automate Pipelines, the bot returns:

Authentication is not configured for this bot Error code: AuthenticationNotConfigured

However, if I go to edit the authentication settings for the virtual agent to turn on authentication, it keeps giving me the same error, if I go to the dev tools and look at the details of the network call, it is a 500 error. 






  • sshinya Profile Picture
    sshinya 19 on at
    Power Virtual Agent authentication settings cannot be edited in a managed solution
    This is not a solution but rather to express my agreement with this issue.
    I am also facing a similar issue and would like to highlight the importance of resolving this problem. Using unmanaged solutions in a QA or production environment is not ideal, especially when trying to maintain ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) governance.

    The ability to edit authentication settings in a managed solution is essential for ensuring that copilots can be securely authenticated across different environments. Resolving this issue would greatly enhance the reliability and security of our deployment processes, benefiting users who rely on managed solutions for maintaining consistency and control throughout the development lifecycle.

    It would be highly beneficial for many users if this issue could be addressed, allowing for seamless and secure transitions between development, QA, and production environments.

    P.S.:  Migrations and Security ( also mentioned the same topic.
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    ManikandanS 252 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent authentication settings cannot be edited in a managed solution

    @fabiocostaalm - Even though this is not the correct approach, please try to deploy un managed solution in qa environment and see any changes required on authentication settings. We also faced different issue with managed version of solution and changed back to un managed solution and it works.

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