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Error Creating studio

Posted on by 13

When i click on create copilot in copilot studio, I am getting an error "An unexpected server error occurred. Please try again. Trace ID: Unexpected error: {}" . how can i resolve this. 

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    Jyothi_menon24 Profile Picture
    Jyothi_menon24 13 on at
    Re: Error Creating studio

    Thanks a lot for your support jefferni. This issue resolved.

    The action i have taken is : i spoke to my internal Tech support team, and they found out that i had only access to Copilot 365 , never had access to  Power platform . So they gave me access and there after i was able to access the copilot studio.


  • v-jefferni Profile Picture
    v-jefferni on at
    Re: Error Creating studio

    Hi @Jyothi_menon24 ,


    Could you please share more details? On which step you received the error? Could you share some screenshots?


    Best regards,

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