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Publish PVA-Chatbot on SharePoint

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Hello everyone, 


i am currently trying to introduce my collegues to power virtual agents. Therefore i have created a Sharepoint Site that hosts one of my chatbots trough embedded code. Now i want to change things up a bit and i tried to change the design of the embedded chatbot, with zero success. I was wondering, is it possible to change the design of an embedded chatbot? 

And if that would not be possible can i publish the chatbot to Sharepoint in another way so it might be possible to switch up the design? 

Thanks a bunch for your help. 

  • bastiangoetz Profile Picture
    bastiangoetz 2 on at
    Re: Publish PVA-Chatbot on SharePoint

    @Kamrani thanks a lot for responding!
    I've checked out the Documentation already, unfortunately the solutions aren't what im looking for. 
    I know how to customize the html code, however i want that customized UI to show up in Sharepoint. At best, I would like for it to be always in the bottom right corner, basically like Microsoft use their chatbot.

    I feel like there is no current solution for this problem but i appreciate every response i can get 🙂 

  • Kamrani Profile Picture
    Kamrani on at
    Re: Publish PVA-Chatbot on SharePoint

    @bastiangoetz - this might be of help to you: Customize the web chat canvas - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn.

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