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User gets "App cannot be found" message

Posted on by 41

I've developed a PVA using the Web front-end.

I then activated the Teams Channel for the bot, and shared the web link to several users.
Security is activated under Teams.

The PVA indicated that it's default setting was shared with Everyone.  There doesn't appear to be an explicit setting to do this.


Some of these users can install the PVA as a Chat in Teams, while others get an "App cannot be found" message.

I've checked using Azure Directory, and all users appear to have the same licenses.

The users also have the same set of teams and security roles on the PVA development environment.


Is there some other set of permissions that I am overlooking?



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    Redbird 41 on at
    Re: User gets "App cannot be found" message

    Ok, we found the issue.

    I was looking at permissions under Azure Directory, specifically User Licenses regarding PVAs.

    In addition to these, we also have to enable applicable policies under Teams.

    The global policy prevented users from installing apps.  I found the "App Not Found" message misleading.  Should really be "Sorry, you don't have permissions" or something.


    I don't have the details of what the policy override was, unfortunately as I can't see them.

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    Redbird 41 on at
    Re: User gets "App cannot be found" message

    Thanks for your input, btw, @micchow.

    The user who successfully installed the app tried to remove it and got the error.
    There was an issue while trying to remove [botname]. Please try again.


    I asked her to try the install link anyway, thinking that maybe she had to do an update first before a remove was allowed.  This resulted in a "Something went wrong" message instead of the Open/Add dialog box.

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    Redbird 41 on at
    Re: User gets "App cannot be found" message

    Yes, Authentication is set as Only for Teams, and the bot is shared with everyone.

    I have republished just in case.


    To retest, I will ask the users who successfully installed the app to remove the app via Manage your Apps, and then retry.


  • micchow Profile Picture
    micchow on at
    Re: User gets "App cannot be found" message

    @Redbird , per your post, could you confirm if you have 'Only for Teams' under security -> Authentication? Friendly reminder that each time you change authentication setting you will need to re-publish the bot to take effect.


    If yes, can you confirm Security -> Share is shared with everyone in your company? Please let us know if both are true and your users are still having 'app not found' issue when they use the copied installation link in Microsoft Teams.

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