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PVA Lookup without using Power Automate

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I am new to PVA and wondering what options are available for validating user input via a lookup to SQL Server without using Power Automate. I want to lookup invoices when the number is provided and return details without having to make a new flow whenever I want to do some sort of validation. I see that sending an HTTP request is available but the db we'd need to reach doesn't have REST endpoints. What other options are available for a quick lookup to return data without going the Power Automate route?

Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: PVA Lookup without using Power Automate

    Hello @HenryJammes ,thanks for the response.


    It's not that we can't use Power Automate but we just wanted to see what options are available besides it as we wanted to avoid creating one flow every time we want to lookup a different value in an external table. So Power Automate is a viable option, we just wanted to explore what alternatives there were.


    Thanks for the resources! We'll look into them!

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    HenryJammes on at
    Re: PVA Lookup without using Power Automate

    I'm curious, why can't you use Power Automate?


    Without Power Automate and without HTTP requests, you're seriously limiting your options but you may try a last, pro-dev, option: call a Bot Framework skill from PVA: Use Microsoft Bot Framework skills - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Learn


    That said, with plugin actions, more connectors will become available within PVA and without having to go through Power Automate.

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