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How to troubleshoot HttpRequest?

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I have an Http Request defined that when called within Chat generates an exception:


Error Message: HTTP request failed with status code 500 InternalServerError. Error Code: HttpRequestFailure Conversation Id: 35f19bfd-e3dc-4c83-bee5-45a97f6dcfc8 Time (UTC): 2024-01-20T01:42:29.926Z


How do I go about troubleshooting this? ErrorCode and ErrorMessage doesn't provide me much of the detail. Can I get access to the body of response I received from the server? 


What are the tools available to troubleshoot / debug such cases?

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    citron-truc 395 on at
    Re: How to troubleshoot HttpRequest?



    I hope you are doing well. In order to troubleshoot http requests, I recommend using Postman beforehand ( ). It's a website that lets you send http requests for free.
    When I would get an error, I would ask copilot to send the faulty credentials in the chat and then try them in postman (not great security-wise, don't deploy a copilot that sends its credentials in the chat).

    Have a great day !

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    nesrivastava on at
    Re: How to troubleshoot HttpRequest?


    Have you tried looking into the browser trace? It can be helpful. For instance, when I generated the error and ran the network trace, I could see that my key value doesn't match with the entity.

    Alternatively, you can also refer to this documentation:




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