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Reset a variable

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I have a quick question. In the copilot studio, topics part.  I want to reset one of  my variables according to a condition.  But I could not find what to write, in the "set variable value " node,,  null or something else? 


thanks in advance

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    Re: Reset a variable

    Once a date has been set I don't think you can reset it other than to another date

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    birdenbire 2 on at
    Re: Reset a variable

    thank you for your quick reply. My variale type is "date". I want to reset it, so the AI will ask it again. 

    I tried lots of things, bu does not worked. indeed I even could not find correct format to set the date to a different value.   Everytime it says it is string.

    Thanks in advance

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    Pstork1 63,059 on at
    Re: Reset a variable

    That depends on what type of variable it is.  If its a string set it to an empty string. If its a number set it to 0. for most other data types try null.

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