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Is it possible to have a wildcard for trigger phrases

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I have a customer support bot that can handle different functions of service desk, one of which is to check the ServiceNow knowledge base for articles. I want to trigger this topic using the prefix phrase along the lines of "how do I".

However, I am finding that if I enter "how do I connect my printer" the topic will not be recognised. Is there a way to create topic trigger phrases that will effectively look at the first few works and the ignore the rest?  What I really need is some sort of wildcard approach in which the topic trigger is "how do I <anything here>".

Any help is greatly wlecomed.

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    Re: Is it possible to have a wildcard for trigger phrases

    You can use the system fallback topic for this:


    Anything not matched will end up here, at which point you can evaluate the text and perform custom business logic based on your rules.

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