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power virtual agent preview vs Flow bot

Posted on by 22

Hello all,


i created adaptive card and when i choose Post as: "Flow bot" it is working but the adaptive card is not showing in bot chat but in separate "workflows" chat.. When i choose power virtual agent (preview) i always get an error: Error code: 2030


In Power automate: 

The request failed. Error code: '400'. Error Message: 'Chat%20with%20Flow%20bot is not supported for Power Virtual Agents Bots'.


I am using 1.4 version for adaptive cards.. 

Is it really not supported or am i just doing something wrong

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    Kodyzak Profile Picture
    Kodyzak 22 on at
    Re: power virtual agent preview vs Flow bot



    The issue was that when you choose option Power Virtual Agents (preview), just ensure that in the next field is "Chat with bot" instead of "Chat with flow bot" (the second one can stay there because you choose Flow bot before)


    Now it is working as it should 🙂



  • Kodyzak Profile Picture
    Kodyzak 22 on at
    Re: power virtual agent preview vs Flow bot

    The bot is triggered by a phrase.. there are some questions before... and then i am sending adaptive card to the user to get some inputs..



    Flow "Acess Optional": includes adaptive card which is working only when Post as "Flow bot" is choosen.

    But then when i am triggering bot from "Engagement" bot window the adaptive cards are popping out in "Workflows" chat window






  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: power virtual agent preview vs Flow bot

    Hi @Kodyzak ,


    Could you please provide more details? 

    Like a screenshot or something like that.


    Just need to understand what is the current process.

    e.g. user send a message to bot >> bot executes a flow >> flow is failing to send adaptive cards to Teams

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