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Uppercase entity issue

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I have an entity that is displayed in a question node that is all uppercase - TMAP. The question node is set to allow skipping if entity is already supplied, however if typing the entity in lowercase in the trigger phrase, e.g. - tmap, it is not detected. Smart matching is turned on. Can't enter the lowercase version as a synonym because of the duplicate entry issue that prevents the bot from being published. Is it a known issue?

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    inzil2k 152 on at
    Re: Uppercase entity issue

    "tmap" is among the trigger phrases in the topic. In the entity definition it is all uppercase - 'TMAP', since it's an abbreviation. However, when people type it in lowercase in the chat, it does not register. If typed in uppercase, it fills the entity correctly. I thought that smart matching takes care of case sensitivity also.

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    nesrivastava on at
    Re: Uppercase entity issue

    Hi @inzil2k ,

    It's not clear to me from the post whether you are entering "tmap" in the chat or if "tmap" is a trigger phrase in the topic trigger phrases.

    Smart matching applies only at the current question node. We do not apply it to future question nodes.

    For example, consider this topic:



    If we enter "order pasta please" in the chat, then the topic is triggered from "order". Since "pasta" is an exact match to the pasta option, this variable is automatically filled and the question is skipped. In this case, we have filled a future question node. When PVA fills in a "future" variable, we sometimes call this greedy slot filling.

    Now, try "order spaghetti".



    It does trigger the topic, but "spaghetti" does not cause selection of "pasta" as we do not apply smart matching to future question nodes.

    However, now that the conversation is at the Cuisine question node, enter "spaghetti" and you can see smart matching causes the "pasta" option to be selected:




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