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I have a chatbot that is behaving buggy with if-conditions: even though one choice is defined, both branches hit and corresponding questions are shown in the chatbot-frame. This is also visible in the tracking frame "Track between topics", se image attached.

For example, I have a question "Is the phone number correct?" to which the user can choose Yes or No. If Yes, I show a confirmation message and redirect to a new topic. If No, I want to ask a new question: "What is the correct number?". 

If I click Yes, I both get the confirmation message and the question "What is the correct number?"


This cannot be right, right??



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    Re: If-condition

    Hi @ginevraPasinfo , thanks for posting.


    I suspect what is happening here is that you are using the variable from the question node on the right side somewhere, and the user is being sent back to this node to fill in the variable.


    Are you using the "bot.TlfOppdatert_Oppgitt_IP1" variable somewhere else? The moment you try to use it, the user is sent back to that question node to fill it in. 

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