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Images not displaying properly in Teams chat window from QnAMaker

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Hello everyone -


We are internally building IT support Chatbot using PVA for Teams connecting to the QnAMaker knowledge base. We intend to display images as part of Bot response, therefore we are storing the images using the markup language in the QnAMaker. Upon we test the bot behavior during the design time using Test Bot feature, images are render correctly both on the QnAMaker Test option as well on PVA Test Bot feature during the design time.


However, when we load the same bot response on the Teams Chat window, images are not being displayed correctly and having inconsistent UI experience making it difficult to convince the end user experience. Is this a known issue in the Teams chatbot (PVA) or is there a way we can work around problem by fixing the image display size?



Kind regards,

Prajwal Shambhu


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    Re: Images not displaying properly in Teams chat window from QnAMaker

    hi @PrajwalShambhu

    my friend I had the same problem, I could only work around using BotFramework, images directly in MS Teams for some reason are not rendered. But using BotFramework I got a bypass method for a situation similar to yours.

    You can take a look at this documentation, it helped me a lot: 



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