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My Virtual Copilot Agent is stupid

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Ive finally managed to create a chatbot and put it in Sharepoint with Entra ID authentication, so that part works. I also entered my internal Sharepoint site/sites to the Generative section. It seems that it works when i ask for a guide about How to setup a MAC for example, which is in our Sharepoint, but today also that is not working :). But i did this setup since i thought i would get ChatGPT capabilities in Sharepoint.


But my bot is very stupid, it can answer anything, like current date, whats 1+1 etc - seems there must be more to setup? This isnt chatgpt at all, its just a search bot for Sharepoint?


Is there other things to setup?






  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: My Virtual Copilot Agent is stupid

    It is using an underlying GPT model, just in a scoped way

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    Angerfist 13 on at
    Re: My Virtual Copilot Agent is stupid

    ok will check this out thanks, so just to make sure, my chatbot is just a bot that connect to sources i give, no brain behind YET, like chatgpt?



  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: My Virtual Copilot Agent is stupid

    The purpose of Generative Answers is to provide responses based on scoped data sources like SharePoint, public websites, etc., not to provide "raw" access to a GPT like model.


    You could achieve something similar to ChatGPT by connecting your copilot to Azure OpenAI in the backend.



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