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System and Custom Topics are not getting triggered

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The bot was working well until Friday, but now the system topic and custom topic triggers are not working. The bot was connected to only Teams channel, have a custom topic that reads user question and send to power automate to get answer from my source this question and answer loop will continue until user interrupt the conversation by saying start over, bye..... , until last Friday  if user says start over, it will trigger the start over topic to restart the conversation. From today this is not working even if user says start over it is following question and answer topic. 


Any help would be really helpful.

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    ManikandanS 252 on at
    Re: System and Custom Topics are not getting triggered

    Hello @zeel15499 ,


    Thanks for sharing your experience. We got confirmation from Microsoft that this bug was introduced in recent release and they are working on to fix this. The issue will affect all the topics not only start over.

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    zeel15499 14 on at
    Re: System and Custom Topics are not getting triggered

    Hi @ManikandanS ,


    I was also facing a similar issue a few days back. I did few things to solve the problem and it worked for me. Please try these and I hope it works for you too.

    1. Unistall you Bot from the Teams.
    2. Go to the custom topic that you have made and make sure that you mark the varibales as 'Global'.
    3. Whenever you want the bot to 'Start Over', just go to that topic and add 'Clear all Variables'.


      This will clear all the values that gets set to variables when the custom topic hits. And this mainly would solve your problem.


    4. Go to the properties of 'Clear Varibales Values' and you can select from 3 given options. I selected 'All Gloabl Variables'. Save the changes that you just made.
    5. Again add the bot to your teams and try testing it now.

    I hope this might solve your problem. 🙂


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