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Markdown Table Incorrect Format

Posted on by 106

Hi there, 

I've created markdown tables in the past which have worked perfectly, I'm struggling to get this one to format correctly though... this has happened before and it's been an issue on the Sharepoint list where there was an additional space and once removed worked fine. I've gone through my SharePoint list with a fine-toothed comb and there are no additional spaces anywhere. 

Is anyone familiar with other errors which cause the markdown to not be returned correctly?




  • Kat_5 Profile Picture
    Kat_5 14 on at
    Re: Markdown Table Incorrect Format

    see this video 


    How to correct a markdown tables it's clearly explained well and also go through the below link





  • Verified answer
    Expiscornovus Profile Picture
    Expiscornovus 29,248 on at
    Re: Markdown Table Incorrect Format

    Hi @Matthew5,


    I would use this value in the Initialize variable action:

    | Links |


    And remove the first Append to string variable action, that one is not needed. Only keep the Append to string variable 2 action within the loop.

  • Matthew5 Profile Picture
    Matthew5 106 on at
    Re: Markdown Table Incorrect Format

    Hi @Expiscornovus 

    Yeah sure, any help is greatly appreciated, I may be adding in additional columns at a later date so it would be really helpful to have these links as a markdown table




  • Expiscornovus Profile Picture
    Expiscornovus 29,248 on at
    Re: Markdown Table Incorrect Format

    Hi @Matthew5,


    In the message it looks like the header row and the separator row have been swapped.


    Normally I would expect 

    | Links |
    | Hyperlink value |


    Can you share a screenshot of your configuration/setup?

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