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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

API Calls from PowerAutomate

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Evening all.

My bot is developing nicely but now I want to go beyond the basics. I want to exchange information with a case management ool we have using the RESTful API.


I'll admit, this is a bit above my head at the moment.

So I'm calling the HTTP Get method, but how do I pull back the 'Attribute1' into Power Virtual Agent, and waht are all the GET fields, do I even need them?


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    i tried to call this api but i does not work


    the link :


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    Re: API Calls from PowerAutomate

    Hello @johnbradbury 


    You can use a 'Initialize Variable' to store the Attribute1 value in. Which you can then send back to PVA using the 'Return values' action


    I am a bit confused by your question "What are all the GET fields, and do I even need them" Which GET fields are you referring to?

    Is this the API (HTTP) action you're talking about? In this case each API is going to have different fields. 

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