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how do we open a URL within MS Teams BOT in a Modal Pop-Up window

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I am new to PVA Chatbots in MS Teams. i need to open a link (URL) in a Modal Pop-Up Window, instead the link opens in a new tab.

Is that possible? Please advise.




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    Re: how do we open a URL within MS Teams BOT in a Modal Pop-Up window

    Hi Kristine,


    Many thanks for your reply. I am trying to do a POC (Proof of Concept) with PVA and MS Teams to create some chatbot and to know how flexible are the features when compared to other providers. We are in need of deploying a BOT within MS Teams similar to our other BOTS which are running in Slack and Workplace by Facebook. In Slack and Workplace, BOT connects to HR System (ERP) and gets the data back and also has some complex Web Forms (with lots of validations) built in the HR system and we show those Form Pages link within the BOT, so that the users can click on the link and open the form right away in a modal window from the BOT and perform their transactions.


    This opening a link (Form Page) from within Slack and Workplace applications works really fine. I am trying to simulate the same thing here in MS Teams using PVA. But now as you said, it is not possible i guess to bring in such functionality.


    See the attached screenshot for reference from "Workplace by Facebook" Application BOT.


    Any other alternate approach for this?


    Hope you understand the same.


    Note : Why Modal Pop-Up Window? because the URL is hidden and not shown to the user. Also, it gives better UX, staying with the BOT and not leaving the BOT window.





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    PowerPuffKK 84 on at
    Re: how do we open a URL within MS Teams BOT in a Modal Pop-Up window

    Hi @karthicramani ,


    That's a good question which hasn't come up on the forum before! Modal pop ups are not supported as you are effectively hyperlinking an external URL which will prompt the browser to open a new tab. You could use JS in the full version of PVA if it was published on an external website however PVA for Teams does not support JavaScript, CSS or even HTML. 


    Also opening hyperlinks in general is controlled mostly by your end users (they can change this in their browser settings) and they can decide in their browser settings if they want a hyperlink to be opened in a new tab or window.


    I hope this helps!

    Kristine 😊

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