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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

PVA Action many execution according user input

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Hi everyone,

I´m doing a chatbot in Teams that make a kind of quiz to the users.
For each correct answer I have to create and item on a MS List (or even a line in a Excel table for example).
In the future, i´ll use that list to see the pontuation of each user.
My list have just 3 columns (name, question number and result (1 or 0))

The bot make the question and show three or four alternatives. If the user enter the correct answer, i call an action to create the item.

The problem is that the bot many times has some delay to show the next question and, if the user send many times the same answer (by copy and paste in the input field for example), the action is executed many times and i have more than one point for that user.

I tried:
1) To do a conditional to validate if that combination (name and question) already exist in the list. It doesn´t work. I belive because the Power Automate also have some delay.
2) another flow (outside the teams) that verify when an item is created and delete it if already exist the combination (name and question). It doesn´t work too.

I believe that one way to solute it, is creating the fields Name and Question like a Primary Key, however its not possible in MS List.

Does anyone have a tip?

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    Re: PVA Action many execution according user input

    Have you considered storing the responses for the entire chat session inside the bot and then calling the flow at the end to record the results?  That should work better for the timing.

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