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"Bot not found" error when importing a Managed/Unmanaged solution

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I have a chatbot that we've created, alongside an Azure Pipeline to move from one environment, to the next. The PVA sits within a Managed Solution and has all Topics and Dependencies added. When moving to the new environment, the bot seemingly "half" imports successfully.


I get the following message (with id's obfuscated):

Bot not found.

Diagnostic Trace Id: Trace id not available. Headers: {"cache-control":"no-cache, no-store","content-type":"application/json","x-ms-activity-vector":"","x-ms-correlation-id":"<id here>","x-ms-islandgateway":"GA0000000","x-ms-service-request-id":"<id here>"}


It seems to be the exact same issue raised by the below user, who seemingly got no resolution sadly:

Error importing chatbot 


I tried creating a new solution, unmanaged, and manually porting this over. The exact same behaviour occured. The bot can't access the URI and returns a 404. This shows up with this error message everywhere and whilst I can see my topics, can't go into them or publish the bot or do anything with it.


Does anyone know what could be causing this?




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    Re: "Bot not found" error when importing a Managed/Unmanaged solution

    Just this week, I finally had the chance to meet with the product group.  We made these alterations to the process

    • Before proceeding, delete the solution in the target environment, and delete the chatbot and its dependencies from PVA
    • First try to export and import a managed solution.  If that fails try again with an unmanaged solutions
    • After importing the solution and before opening the chatbot, select the chatbot and run from the menu Advanced | Add required objects | OKDo this even regardless of the results of the dependency reports.
    • From the solution, open the Chatbot from the solution

    This time the chatbot installed and run without incident


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