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Reading response into PVA by posting Adaptive card from PVA with multiple buttons

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First of all, thanks to this great forum as I just started few days ago on PVA & this forum has been immense help!

I do have some general questions and hope someone can help me - around PVA and adaptive cards on teams.


My first use case which I am trying, PVA will make a call to Rest APIs and get list of items and display to the user. The list of items would be dynamic based on the user. The user would select one item (look and feel of button) and PVA will post another card with details of that item.


  1. Adaptive cards can be via Automate too, so it is better to use PVA Bot Framework Composer with adaptive card and Power Automate with adaptive card (with wait for response?) . Any recommendations?
  2. In the Bot Framework Composer, I am not able to determine how can I get the id (or the item) of the button clicked back into PVA from the adaptive card. I have been able add the adaptive card, display a list of items and then use the output property to set a variable and have that variable back into the PVA. But irrespective of what button I am clicking it is always giving me the same id. How do I tie the field in adaptive card to the return? 
  3. May be a better question for the adaptive card forums, but how do I take input of thumbs up/thumbs down on a card? (As a feedback)

Here are my screenshots:







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    Re: Reading response into PVA by posting Adaptive card from PVA with multiple buttons

    Responding to my own question for anyone newbie starting on this. I got this as below. Need to use element from the card's action button.






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