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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Send email with input accuired by Bot

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I am looking to setup a small training bot.


It asks the user basic information such as "name", "manager name" and "training type". 

When I go to setup a FLOW (Email) I am not able to populate the information received by the BOT in Power Automate (dynamic content).


Do anyone have a guide or experience doing this that can point me in the right direction? 


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    Priyadharshini1 22 on at
    Re: Send email with input accuired by Bot

    In Power Virtual Agent
    1) Create a flow like this


    2) And then "call an action" & "Create a Flow", It will immediately redirect to Power Automate 
    3) There create a flow like this

    Then you can extend you flow according to your requirements
    But, For sending mail with input acquired by bot, this will be the solution for that

  • gregmarbais Profile Picture
    gregmarbais 106 on at
    Re: Send email with input accuired by Bot

    Hey @JGTDK , I've done something similar and passed the data from a bot to trigger escalation emails to certain teams depending on the scenario. Can you tell us where you're getting stuck? Is it that the flow isn't showing up for you? Or that you're triggering the flow from a topic but you can't map the data from the bot to the fields required by the flow?

    Here's an example of one I did - I did one notification flow but it is triggered from different topics and different fields are used in the email depending on which topic triggered it. But where needed, I mapped the PVA field to the field in the flow. I find it easiest to create the flow from PVA - it pops you out to Power Automate but makes sure the flow is in the right "Solution" so you can use it with the bot.



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