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Just can't get my own topic suggestions to work...

Posted on by 26

Hey all, 

I've been spending a lot of time trying to upload my own FAQ for the suggested topics on a website to get them imported. 
I've gone through the documentation here: 

I've tried 2 options:
1. Using which reports We couldn’t get suggestions. Try adding support or FAQ content

2. Using my own website that is https:// where it reports: We couldn’t connect to this link, or it’s not secure. Make sure it’s secure (beginning with https://) and that it’s a working link.  It is secure and link is publicly available. 

I have a gut-feeling that it's because PVA doesn't read it as a FAQ, does anyone have a template or suggestions to what they have found works?

  • PabloD Profile Picture
    PabloD 64 on at
    Re: Just can't get my own topic suggestions to work...

    Same here. The feature does not seem to be working.

    Are you finding this with other features? We are finding a few bugs as we go, and I wonder if it makes sense to spend $12,000 to continue testing...

  • sb21 Profile Picture
    sb21 8 on at
    Re: Just can't get my own topic suggestions to work...


    I can't get my topic suggestions to work either. Tried several different FQ pages, even the CDC one above AND by making sure the 'https://' is not repeated.

    In the top ribbon, it says - 'You have xx new topic suggestions' (with xx being the number), but in 'Suggestions' it the topic never show up. Screen shots below: 



    When clicked on Suggestions, it's a blank page.


    Outside this FAQ URLs, I have tried uploading .txt and .csv files to a blob storage and read pure text from it, but the same result. No suggestions.

    Is there a particular format/template to upload topics that I might be missing?

    Can you please help?



  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Just can't get my own topic suggestions to work...

    Hi @EMIL_K_DIT ,


    Yes, maybe your structure is not working well.

    I recommend the Power Apps FAQ page, you will see the structured questions and answers. 

    Frequently asked questions - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs 

    Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC

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