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How to get direct line secret of PVA bot

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I have existing Bot Framework v4 Virtual Assistant bot Ref: BF VA

I would like to Leverage "Power virtual agents" to build the bots and, have a way to connect to PVA bot from existing BF Virtual Assistant.


Idea is that BF bot should connect to PVA bot and, get the response back to user User will never know that response was actually from PVA bot. User will keep chatting with BF VA bot as normal.


Simple googling I came across Connector App but, its in C#.  and I'm looking for javascript as I don't work on C#. However another issue is it works on Direct Line and, I was wondering how to get a Direct Line secret for PVA bot as there is not direct line channel configuration similar to azure bot service bot.


Thank you in advance !

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    automationUser 2 on at
    Re: How to get direct line secret of PVA bot

    I've tried this... but my custom web is on Node.JS so I expected Javascript code. But in documentation C# code is mentioned. Can you please convert it into JS as well?


    Please add another section for different languages to get Bot for custom web using direct links.

  • Re: How to get direct line secret of PVA bot

    Thanks. I will look into this. Yes, our BF bot is virtual assistant and, it connects to BF skills too as needed. I'm wanting to talk to PVA bot as well from BF bot virtual assistant.

    Let me know if this isn't recommended.

    Note: I'm aware that we can call / connect Bf skill from/within PVA bot using manifest file configuration.

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    CleberM on at
    Re: How to get direct line secret of PVA bot

    Hi @Anonymous ,


    You can find details about how to get the DL channel secret in this documentation:


    Let us know if this is enough info to get you started. Usually we recommend the other way around, to use a BF bot inside PVA as a Skill. You can see more about that here:



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